The New Lush Don’t Look At Me Face Mask

24 September 2015

Oh my gosh, did you see how many new products Lush has? I was already filling my online basket when it hit me that I’m on a no-buy when it comes to skincare products because I still have too much that I need to finish first but yay for empty Lush pots! If you collect 5 empties (here in NL you can turn in the black pots but also bottles, in some other counties bottles don’t count) you can go back to the store, turn them in and get a fresh face mask for free! So I went to the store because I wanted to try their new face mask called Don’t Look At Me!

Lush - Don't Look At Me 2

When you open the bottle you see a blue face mask, I could already see myself wearing this and looking like a Smurf 😀

Lush - Don't Look At Me 1A few of the ingredients are Fresh Lemon Juice, White Rice, Murumuru Butter and Grapefruit Oil, how nice! The formula has a really light scrub, it’s great for removing dead skin but it’s not harsh at all so you can definitely use this on sensitive skin. Lush - Don't Look At Me 3About my skin, I have really sensitive skin with a lot of redness. My skin can be terrible oily but also has a lot of dry areas. Usually I go for Cosmetic Warrior if I want to pamper my skin or for Love Lettuce if I want to have a face mask that also has a scrub.

I couldn’t believe how lovely this face mask is! It feels fresh in a good way (when something is minty or tingly I really don’t like it) and it’s a nice mask to leave on your skin for 15 minutes. With Love Lettuce I love the soft result afterwards but I’m not too happy with how hard and crumbly it gets when it’s on your skin, this new face mask is much better!

I also love the light scrub, it’s perfect for every skin type and does make your skin feel smooth and soft. This face mask definitely kicked Love Lettuce off my favourites list. When I want a fase mask with a scrub I will definitely get this one, and if I don’t want a scrub I will get Cosmetic Warrior. But … I still want to try the new face mask Cup O’Coffee aswel!

You can get this mask in the store or online for €11,65 (Dutch price) or you can turn in 5 empty pots and get it for free.

What is your favourite Lush mask and why?



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