Pupa Red Queen Collection

Whoops! Here is my blogpost that is long overdue. In my mind I already posted the swatch of this nailpolish a long time ago, in December, but today I saw that the picture was still in my drafts and searching on my website I couldn’t find it. Although it’s late, I still want to share it! 

Pupa Red Queen Nailpolish

I don’t own the full collection. I have one polish but this collection contains four different colors. In December I found the collection in stores but the nailpolishes that I still needed where already sold out so I can’t swatch all of them for you but I do have this stunning red shimmer polish. It’s number 174 and this red color looks amazing on your nails. In natural light it’s a dark red color, in the shade it turns more burgundy. What I like the most about this polish is that you can make it fully opaque in one thicker coat, that means that I can probably use this polish for stamping and I’m definitely going to test that out soon!

Pupa Red Queen 1

Here are a couple of other products from the collection. Let me show you some quick swatches of them!

Pupa Red Queen 2

This is a swatch of the Metallic Effect Eyeliner. It’s such a great product for special days. There are 3 different colors available, Dazzling Gold, Golden Amber and Sparkle Black. As you can see this is Sparkle Black. I love it because it’s not too dark, but also it doesn’t look grey like some eyeliners start to look like when they are lighter. The glitters are clearly visible but great to work with, the eyeliner applies smooth and lasts for a long time.

Pupa Red Queen 3

Here is one of the I’m Lip Fluid colors called Red Queen. The other colors available are Royal Burgundy and Pompous Bordeaux. It’s so creamy and easy to apply and the finish is matte, but not so matte that it makes your lips dry.

Pupa Red Queen 4

These are 3 of the 4 Metal Effect Eyeshadows. From left till right: Lavish White, Pure Gold, Golden Bronze. The one color that is missing is Luxurious Brown. I’m so in love with Pure Gold because it’s a nice gold for fair skin colors, as you can see in the picture this gold is not too pale but also not too yellow, just perfect! Golden Bronze is my favorite, it looks bronze in the shade but more rose gold in the sunlight, extremely pretty! You can apply the eyeshadows dry or wet, my swatches are the dry swatches, if you make the eyeshadow wet it gets even more opaque and bright.

Some stores still have this collection so if you want some items get it while you still can!



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