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Shimmer - Caroline Thumb

Shimmer – Caroline

Hi babes! Today I am wearing another Shimmer polish. Like all of them and like I saying every this polish is so stunning. Sorry for getting so boring because it’s the same thing every time but I do hope you like the picture! …

20 November 2013

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Shimmer - Valerie Thumb

Shimmer – Valerie

Hi babes! Today I’m again in love with another Shimmer polish. I skipped this polish for a while because I don’t really wear brown in summer but now it’s raining so much it was time to try this beauty…

19 September 2013

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Shimmer - Jasmine Thumb

Shimmer – Jasmine

Hi babes! Here’s another Shimmer polish! Am I already boring you? 😀 I really love these glitter polishes so sorry for spamming so much, but I’m kinda addicted! Today I’m wearing Jasmine…

13 August 2013

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The New Black - Rebel Edge

The New Black – Rebel Edge

Hi babes! Yesterday I decided to play with the Rebel Edge set from The New Black! I was in the mood for a studded manicure so this was the perfect set to use, let’s take a look at the pictures! …

12 August 2013

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Dollish Polish - Go Luigi

Dollish Polish – Go Luigi!

Hi babes! Today I’m wearing Go Luigi from Dollish Polish! This polish was still untried so it was time to finally give it a go, and it’s a good pick now because I’m playing Super Luigi U on the Wii U, love that game…

8 August 2013

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Shimmer - Carmen Thumb

Shimmer – Carmen

Hi babes! Sorry for the silence on my blog, I didn’t felt 100% great and am still very tired but I felt it was time to apply some nail polish again because pretty nails always helps feeling better right? 😀 …

5 August 2013

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Shimmer - Kim Thumbnail

Shimmer – Kim

Hi babes! Look at what I’m wearing today! I am really addicted to the polishes from Shimmer, these glitter polishes are amazing! I wanted to wear a blue glitter so I decided to try Kim 😀…

27 July 2013

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