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Waterfall Manicure Thumb

Waterfall Manicure Nail Art Video Tutorial

Hi loves! I’ve made a tutorial with the Waterfall manicure. This manicure is created by the amazing Nailasaurus and I just had to try it! I really like it, it’s so easy and it looks so festive. Plus you can of course make it…

13 November 2015

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Zoya Watermarble Thumb

Video Tutorial: Watermarble Manicure

Hi loves! The first tutorial of 2014! I thought it would be a good idea to give you a challenge. I still hear many people say how hard the watermarble manicure is so why not give it a try!…

4 January 2014

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Video: My Nail Polish Stash

Hi loves! Yesterday I finally uploaded the video that you requested for so many times: My Nail Polish Stash. Right now I have more than 800 polishes but I’m still going strong with only buying nail polishes when I really really really want them! …

1 January 2014

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Zoya - Kristi Thumb

Zoya – Kristi

Hi girls! Yay finally a blogpost! Due to personal circumstances I didn’t had that much time to make new blogposts or video’s but I’ll make it up to you all 😀 Today I decided to apply Zoya – Kristi…

11 November 2013

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Zoya - Vespa & NYX Thumb

Zoya – Vespa & NYX

Hi babes! Yeaaah it’s friday, that means it’s almost weekend 😀 I can’t wait and hopefully the weather is as good as last weekend! So today I’m wearing two Zoya – Pixie Dust polishes, I thought these two colors would look good together…

26 July 2013

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