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Layla - Thermo 7 Thumb

Layla – Thermo Effect 7

Hi loves! Yesterday I found a nail polish that I had for a while that I completely forgot to review! This polish was sent to me by the Dutch webshop Djasa, they sell Layla products here in The Netherlands. …

12 May 2015

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Video: My Nail Polish Stash

Hi loves! Yesterday I finally uploaded the video that you requested for so many times: My Nail Polish Stash. Right now I have more than 800 polishes but I’m still going strong with only buying nail polishes when I really really really want them! …

1 January 2014

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Layla - Soft Touch 08

Layla – Softouch Effect 08

OHMY! 😀 This is a polish that I really LOVE! This is one of the polishes from the new Layla Softouch collection and it’s so pretty! 😀 Let’s take a look!…

30 January 2013

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Nail Art

Friday Night Nail Art

Hi sweethearts! It’s weekend again, oh yeah! *dances around the room*. I wasn’t bored with my yellow polish yet so I made some nail art, hope you like it!…

15 September 2012

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Layla - CE41

Layla – CE41

I couldn’t resist using this polish again, I’m in love with this one! It’s not even mine, I keep borrowing it from my friend Nicole! Thanks babe! 😀…

12 September 2012

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Layla - Pastel Skittles

Layla – Pastel Skittles

Happy summer colors!!! Finally I had time to upload some pictures! Like I already told you in my previous blogposts, I’m working on my house right now but I’ll promise to make it up to you with some awesome pictures soon!…

24 May 2012

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Layla - Flash Black

Layla – Flash Black

Yesterday one of my nails broke 🙁 …. NOOOOOOO!!! My manicure for queens day was ruined before I could make pictures of it so for today I decided to use some pictures that I took last week…

1 May 2012

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