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Hits - Dreamer

Hits – Dreamer

Hi loves! Did you all had a great weekend? For me it was a very lazy one that included a lot of nailpolish and video games! 😀 But now it’s time to work again, boohoo! Let me cheer you up with another Hits polish…

20 January 2014

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Video: My Nail Polish Stash

Hi loves! Yesterday I finally uploaded the video that you requested for so many times: My Nail Polish Stash. Right now I have more than 800 polishes but I’m still going strong with only buying nail polishes when I really really really want them! …

1 January 2014

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Hits - Cutie Pie Thumb

Hits – Cutie Pie

Hi girls! I finally had a day where I was in the mood to do my nails. I have been sick for the last couple of days, and I knew for sure I was sick when I didn’t even felt like doing my nails!…

8 December 2013

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Hits - Moonbow

Hits – Moonbow

There is only one thing better then a good duo chrome polish … a good glitter duo chrome polish! This is Hits – Moonbow layered over Hits – Cutie Pie! …

17 June 2012

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Hits - Cutie Pie 1

Hits – Cutie Pie

Warning: Picture heavy post! 😀 Here’s the second polish from the Hits Mari Moon collection, the stunning Cutie Pie! …

16 June 2012

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Hits - Artsy 2

Hits – Artsy

Yesterday my package from Brazil arrived with the stunning 21 Hits  duo chrome, holographic and flake polishes!  Thank you so much sweet Tami!…

28 April 2012

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