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Collistar Talasso Scrub Shampoo Thumb

Collistar Talasso Scrub Shampoo Review

Hi loves! Not too long ago I was in my shower washing my hair. Since I have a dry and flaky scalp, I was wondering why there was no scalp scrub available. That would be perfect! Around two weeks later Collistar announced their new Talasso Scrub…

21 January 2016

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October Favorites Video

Hi loves! It was time to finally start making favorites videos again! So here it is…my October favorites video! 😀 Hope you like all the items I have to show you!   …

12 November 2015

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Collistar - Iris Delicata Thumb

Collistar Iris Delicata

Hi loves! A few days ago I posted my tutorial with the Saran Wrap manicure. In that video you could see me wearing Collistar Iris Delicata, but before I did the Saran Wrap manicure I took a picture of this stunning polish so you…

23 October 2015

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Saran Wrap Nail Art Video Tutorial

Hi loves! Today I have a new video tutorial for you! I wanted to make a Saran Wrap manicure with two colors and decided to film it and redo my old video because it’s … well… old! 😛 So here is a new version of…

19 October 2015

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Dance Legend - Geometrick Topcoat Thumb

Dance Legend – Geometric Topcoat

Hi loves! Some of you already saw this picture on Instagram but of course I also had to make a blogpost about it! I was wearing the Geometric Topcoat from Dance Legend and to really make it pop I applied it over yellow! …

25 April 2015

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