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China Glaze

Video: My Nail Polish Stash

Hi loves! Yesterday I finally uploaded the video that you requested for so many times: My Nail Polish Stash. Right now I have more than 800 polishes but I’m still going strong with only buying nail polishes when I really really really want them! …

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China Glaze – Ruby Pumps

Hi babes! Hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friend, and of course lots of delicious food! 😀 This year I was wearing China Glaze – Ruby Pumps, my all time favourite red glitter polish…

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China Glaze – Luxe and Lush

Hi babes! Another untried bites the dust! I’m still going strong with my no-buy for makeup and polishes! I still have more than 200 polishes untried so you will probably see many more new polishes on my blog 😀 …

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Striping Tape Manicure

Hi loves! You may remember my video about how to make a manicure with striping tape.  Yesterday I re-did that manicure and now I can show it to you 😀…

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