Jord Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple Thumb

Jord Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple Wood Watch

Hi loves! It’s been a while since I made a blogpost but I’m back! Lately we have been crazy busy with our new house, but now almost everything is done so I have more time to make blogposts and upload new videos on my…

29 April 2016

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Dance Legend - Anna Gorelova Thumb

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova 42 June

Hi loves! Today I have this gorgeous duo chrome from Dance Legend to show you. This polish was created in collaboration with nail blogger Anna Gorelova who I absolutely love. …

15 February 2016

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Collistar Talasso Scrub Shampoo Thumb

Collistar Talasso Scrub Shampoo Review

Hi loves! Not too long ago I was in my shower washing my hair. Since I have a dry and flaky scalp, I was wondering why there was no scalp scrub available. That would be perfect! Around two weeks later Collistar announced their new Talasso Scrub…

21 January 2016

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